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Java Lounge: Teen Open Mic Night Poets



"Dear Santa" By Marsh Drylie

Yes, I have been naughty

And sometimes fairly bad;

Putting frogs into my sister's bed

Which made her rather mad.

I have broken grandma's glasses

While putting them on the cat;

Shattered the window across the street With a baseball and bat.

Of my Latin I'm sorely ashamed

My algebra has take a dive;

Some nights my homework

stays unfinished,

I'd rather be playing Ace Combat 5.

I've set fire to the kitchen curtains

Crashed my mom's hard drive;

Dumped soap suds into the swimming pool

I'm lucky I'm still alive.

Alll my sins I do confess

I've told you all I've done;

Please forgive these dastardly deeds

I regret each and each and every one.

Dear Santa, Sir, I promise

Next year, you'll see a new me;

If you leave me a paintball gun,

A pony and a big screen TV.


"Elves" By Maria Cury

My heart is in the forest

And there it shall stay,

With all the little critters

And the trees that so sway

I'm not gonna leave

'Cause I feel so at home,

And I'll tell you the truth,

I am not alone.

We blend in so truly

With our well known pointed ears,

We are silent and swift

And what evil truly fears.

If you haven't quite guessed

I'll tell you what I am,

I am an elf

Born and raised on this land.















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