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"End Zone"

By Greg Floyd

"Down! Set! Hike!"

I yelled standing behind the offensive line,

Staring down the opposing team,

Standing on my own 20-yard line.


As the ball was hiked my legs moved ever-so quickly,

Jukin' and dodgin' so the defense would miss me.


I looked left, I looked right,

Not one open teammate was insight.

Trying my best not to get sacked,

I handed off the ball to the running back.


He ran left,

He ran right,

He started up the middle.

Then he flicked it off to me without the ball being down,

And there I saw, standing tall,

Was the receiver open for a touchdown in the END ZONE!



By A.J. Cabigao

Let me write you a letter of my resignation.

No, of appreciation.

I appreciate you Mr. President.

You make me want to strive to be just like you.

To be like you is to represent without the country.

It's like not giving presents on Christmas when you have a salary.

Oil spills and burns on the soldier's purpose.

Ruins the objective, confines more than the promised freedom.

Who are the real terrorists?

What is the definition?

You ought to know Mr. Fuher (Bush).

Cutting benefits is a horror.

Mr. Fuher, you were in heaven vacation during pre-9/11.

Your homeland security is looking for terror.

Look at the prices at 7/11.

Osama's been winning and toyin' with our minds cuz many of us left unemployed.


MIA missing in action, the morale expectation.

9/11 effects of bonding, separation by the November election.

Reality T.V. overboard sitcoms,

While FOX over exaggerates reality's form.


There had been terrorism before the Jihad landed on U.S. soil.

Racism still had a role in the society we live in,

Discrimination in the plastic surgeries like silicon seepin'.

Cuz America has gotten many people hiding their faces,

Pumping Botox and implants full of crazes.

It's in the T.V. we stick our faces into,

Glutton to the pop that we're led to lay our belief unto.

Now that Bush had caught Saddam he has no one else to blame.

He sees every other country the same.

Just another land to claim.

I must be an idiot,

I'm voicing my opinion against 59,054,087 American voters.

Doesn't make my megaphone any shorter.

Who would a thought the connotation for diplomacy is not its true denotation?

Who would a though the Patriot Act s the same as camps of concentration?

Or is it isolation or desecration or internment?

I'm the people's sentiment.

Over the fears and the sediment.

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