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Meeting Notes for 2007


July 24, 2007

*Teen Read Week:  We needed to come up with more programs, and choose which one teen voices will plan.  Other suggestions:

  • Love Our Library
  • Let's Order Linguini
  • Legacies of Lunatics (Poe, van Gogh); Be on the edge of fun.  Legacies of Lunatics like Poe and van Gogh; a program about strange people who became famous

Teen Voices would like to plan Legacies of Lunatics; one activity could be Guess the Lunatic, where each teen is given a small card with a paragraph on it that they will get up and read, and the other teens have to guess who they are.

The Blog Topic for the month could be about coming up with different variations of LOL.

* High School Reading List: It is time to start working on a theme for the high school reading list.  The following theme was suggested:

A city theme, with the background a cityscape with lights and buildings.  The categories would be different names of cities for different types of books.  The following categories were suggested:

  • Paris-romance/love
  • Barcelona-sports
  • Tokyo-manga
  • Hollywood-books based on movies
  • Miami-summer
  • Orlando-teen recommended reads
  • Transylvania-horror
  • London-science fiction
  • New York City-comedy
  • Dublin-fantasy

The following were suggested as possible titles: Reading Around the World; Books Around the World, Planet OCLS, Around the Globe, and OCLS International.  We need to consider also adding a travel category.


June 26, 2007

*Speak Out: Opening statements and questions were reviewed.  Topics and order of speaking was finalized as follows:

1.) Miles-Music in Art/School

2.) Vanessa/Marlina-AIDS

3.) Whitney-Sibling/Friend Rivalry

4.) Rachael-Stereotypes

5.) Alicia-Poverty

6.) Darius-Video Games

*Teen Read Week: This year the theme for Teen Read Week is LOL (Laugh Out Loud).  We are considering a comedy/open mic night, a meet the author event, and possibly a Broadway Theater thing.  We need to come up with suggestions for programs that have to do with LOL.

These are the suggestions for variations on LOL:

  • Lots of Lemonade
  • Living Our Lives
  • Little Old Lady
  • Lady of the Lake
  • Love of Life
  • Lemons of Life
  • Lemons Over Limes
  • Love Over Lies
  • Loquaciousness Over Looks
  • Llamas On Lamborghinis
  • Lamborghini or Lexus
  • Laugh Over Life
  • Lots of Love
  • Lies of Life
  • Living Out Lies
  • Lashing Out Loudly
  • Living Out Lullabies

Program suggestions from this list were "Llamas on Lamborghinis (and other Weird Things)" a program about weird things such as bigfoot; "Lots of Love" an animal rescue program;



May 22, 2007

  • Speak Out: Teens that are interested in leading a discussion are Whitney (sibling/friend rivalry), Douglas (school), Miles (music/art in school), John (Entertainment), Marlina & Vanessa (AIDS), Alicia (poverty), Justin & Rachael (stereotypes).
  • Other possible topics were narrowed down to:
          Weight Issues
          Likelihood of a Draft
          What comes after high school
          Science (Games/Technology)


April 24, 2007

  • At this meeting, with 18 members present, the top ten poetry entries were read and the first, second, and third place winners were voted on.
  • Also discussed at this meeting was the sign for the Speak Out program-possible graphics for the sign were discussed; it was decided to use teens holding a microphone for the graphic.
  • The final discussion at this meeting included a reminder for those interested in running for the presidency of Teen Voices to bring an icebreaker to the next meeting.


March 27, 2007 meeting

I. Teen Marketing

- I would like for you guys to make some suggestions on how we can promote teen programs and services. The following ideas to promote teen services at schools were suggested:

  • passing out flyers
  • posting on bulletin boards
  • posting in the cafeteria
  • using public invites on MySpace

II. Summer Reading Program
A. Your summer project: Teen Open Forum. We decided on a name for this program.
Speak Out; July 12th; 7:00p.m.

The Blurb:
Say something
Phrase your thoughts
Empower yourself
Alter your perceptions
Keep yourself active

Offer your opinion
Use your brain
Talk to other teens

Destruction and doom got you in a gloom? Speak out! (It’s the end of the world as we know it!) Come to the Teen Open Forum and discuss matters that mean something to you. Hosted by Teen Voices for teens ages 13-18.

B. We need to start coming up with discussion topics and questions. These can be changed at any time, and are just suggestions. Suggestions at the last meeting included: (Any other suggestions?)

  • Global warming
  • Helping the community
  • What’s hot and what’s not
  • AIDS
  • Family
  • School
  • The war in Iraq
  • Getting to know people
  • Health/safety
  • Poverty
  • Weight issues
  • Likelihood of a draft
  • Sibling/friend rivalry
  • Racism
  • Gang wars
  • Helping the Army
  • What comes after high school
  • Pollution
  • Music/art in school
  • Stereotypes
  • Profanity
  • Economy
  • Politics
  • Communism
  • Entertainment (games/tv)
  • Illegal Immigration
  • Science (games/technology)

C. Thoughts on how to run the open forum. Different teens to bring up each topic? How long should it last? (1 hour and 30 minutes) Time limit per question? Per person speaking? We should definitely have specific teen voices members prepared to discuss each topic in case no one wants to start talking, or in case the discussion lags before time is up. Also have several alternate questions in case one question completely bombs.  Final topics will be decided on at the May meeting.  Teens that have volunteered to lead a discussion: Whitney (sibling/friend rivalry); Douglas (school); Miles (music/art in school); and John (Entertainment)



February 27 , 2007 meeting

I. Summer Reading Program
A. Your summer project: Teen Open Forum. We decided on a name for this program.
• Speak Out

B. We need to choose a tentative date for this program. Do we want it to be one of the Wednesday afternoon programs at 3:30, or a special evening program?  A Thursday night in July.

C. We also need to come up with a blurb for this program.-Blurbs were discussed and then finalized by a Teen Voices focus group.

D. We need to start coming up with discussion topics and questions. These can be changed at any time, and are just suggestions.  Topic suggestions are:

-global warming; helping the community; what's hot and what's not; AIDS; family; school; the war in Iraq; getting to know people; health/safety; poverty; weight issues; likelihood of a draft; sibling/friend rivalry; racism; gang wars; helping the Army; what comes after high school; safe sex; pollution; diabetes; music/art in school; stereotypes

II. SRP-Teen’s Night Out
A. We need to decide on a name for this year’s Teen’s Night Out party. Suggestions at last month’s meeting were:
• Universal Gaming
• Game Night
• The World of Gaming
• The Game
• I Love (heart) Gaming
• Get in the Game
• Be the Game
• Enter the Game
-Any other Suggestions?  Additional suggestions included:

Game Design; The World of Gaming in Your Eyes; Become a Digital Gamer; The Digital Future; The Dream of Gaming; The Future of Gaming; Gaming for Gamers; Players of the Future; Game Rider; Summer of the Game

Next, vote on the title for this program.

The Finalists were: The World of Gaming in Your Eyes and The Digital Future; The winner was The Digital Future with 9 votes; The World of Gaming in Your Eyes had 5 votes.

January 23, 2007 meeting

I. Summer Reading Program
A. Theme “Take it to the Next Level:” gaming, technology, movies, and action.

B. Your summer project: Teen Open Forum. We need to decide on a name for this program. Names suggested at the last meeting:
• Talk
• Question the World
• Say Something
• What do you Think?
• Think Now or Forever Hold Your Peace
• Speak Out
Are there any other suggestions?  New suggestions:

Tell It to the World

Next, vote on title for this program.  The winner is: Speak Out

C. We also need to finalize the suggestion list of programs to do over the summer.

D. Video Game Contest-EA Grant-big prize-title for contest, rules for contest.

II. SRP-Teen’s Night Out
-We need to come up with a theme and a name for this year’s Teen’s Night Out party.  Themes that were liked at the last meeting were music and time warp.

A new theme was suggested and agreed upon: Gaming.

Possible Titles:

  • Universal Gaming
  • Game Night
  • The World of Gaming
  • The Game
  • I (heart) Gaming
  • Get in the Game
  • Be the Game
  • Enter the Game


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