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Book Reviews

Over My Dead Body By: Kate Klise (2009)

 Reviewed by: Glenna Welsh, 14 years old

The book Over My Dead Body is the second book in the series 43 Old Cemetry Road written by Kate Klise. Cleverly, Klise strayed from the original format of books and built hers out of letters, photos, sketches, and newspaper clippings all coming from her mind. The main characters consist of an elderly gentleman named Ignatius B. Grumply, a young boy, Seymour Hope, and Olive C. Spence, who is in fact a ghost. Together, the trio writes ghost stories in the old mansion. Since Seymour’s parents abandoned him, Ignatious and Olive are trying to gain legal gaurdianship over him, which turns out giving them more problems than they excpected. Finally, at the end of the book, the three learn how important they are to each other and the importance of their books to the public. Over all, the book Over My Dead Body is an entertaining and considerably quick read for one of those slow paced weekends.

Movie Reviews

Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time (2010)

Reviewed by: Timothy Johnson, 17 years old

"It is said that some lives are linked through the ages"; This is the message of the newly released movie, Prince of Persia. Modeled after the popular video games series, Prince of Perisa inspires the question of time travel inside your mind. Main character, Dastan (Jake Gyllenhall), finds himself framed and forced to prove his innocence by turning back time. He is paired with Tamina, The Princess of Alamut, against his will as they find themselves entangled in the Sands of Time. This movie is a great way to start of the summer as you leave the theater entertained and mystified.

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