RockBand Competion Teen SRP 2009

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Of course summer at the library wouldn't be complete without a RockBand Competition!!!! Check it out! 


Team 1

Team 1 is ready to rock!!


Team 2

Team 2 won't get left behind



Looks like Chris rock and rolls and parties everyday!



Miles is lost in concentration.



First Scores

There it is Team 1 and their first round scores. This is important if you understand RockBand, competitions and RockBand competitions.



More scores

WOW! Look at Team 2's scores!  That's a big difference.



Team 1

Team 1 is Still trying to win this!!!


Mehdi wishes he could join the band. After all he wants to be a winner!


That's right I said it winners!!!! Team 2 wins!!!

I still feel like we should have pressured them to have band names.

Like The 780's (you know because music in Dewey Decimal is 780). Or they can call themselves Rock and Learners. Ha ha ha. I know, i know lame. Well at least they can call themselves gamers. We had a great time. See you at the next competition.

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