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Last Jam

End of Summer Bash

Jam Out Loud Teen Summer Reading Program



Teen Volunteers Group Picture

Everyone was waiting for a good time at the Last Jam. Can't believe the summer was coming to an end.



Olivia, Whitney and Vanessa dance to the music!


Before You Exit

Here is what they are jammin to. The 2009 Battle of the Bands winners BEFORE YOU EXIT!


Before You Exit

They were awesome and had everyone on their feet.



Olivia, Ashley and Amy were having a great time together. They became friends through Teen Library Corps. (shameless plug)



Miles, Chris, Mehdi and Blondie had a crazy fit! Some other guys were involved with craziness too but our camera cut them out. Hee hee.



Mehdi did a little dance, he made a little noise, yeah he got down tonight. What is on his head?



Chris had so much fun! I wonder if he knew we were taking a picture. I am still wondering what's on Mehdi's head.



Time to dance. Chelsea wowed us all with a beautiful dance solo.


Line Dance


The rest of the teens wanted to dance too. Bring on the Cupid Shuffle!


Hula hooping

Olivia and Mehdi both believe Hula Hooping is the most beautiful form of self expression. Yeah, I'm not so sure I agree.


Hula hooping

Still hooping. Or is it hulaing? I think I've just made up some new words. How long will they hoop?


   Wait the pictures aren't done!

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