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"So What If I'm Young"

By Tauresa Wade

I refuse to be another stereotype,

Or statistic on the page

So what if I'm young?

You think that'll stop me each day?

I know I'm not perfect,

But don't treat me like a runt

So what if I'm young?


So what if I'm young?

And I joke and I play

So what if I don't act a certain way

If I don't look a certain way, talk a certain way,

Walk a certain way, act a certain way,

I'll be judged

But if I change my ways,

I'll still be judged and pushed away


So what if I'm young?

I've got plans for my future

I've got goals, hopes and dreams

And won't give up easily

Overcoming, that's part of it too


So what if I'm young?

And different from you

So what if I have friends who's eyes are blue

So I like rock music, hey, I like rap too

So I'm wacky, silly, and tons of fun,

It doesn't mean I'm not smart, genuine, and real

Girls just want to have fun, and I'm a girl, hardcore


So what if I'm young?

Does it not make me free?

So what if I'm not old with wrinkles and bad teeth

So what if I'm young?

And I choose to live worry free


So what if I'm young?

I'm still followin' rules

Say no to this, yes to that

Sit up straight, get off my back

Clean your room, close your mouth,

Do the dishes, do your homework

Just like you,

I've got responsiblity too


So don't judge a book by its cover or its age

Just open the book,

Try to read each page

I am the future,

And I am the now

So what if I'm young?

I'll make a difference, somehow!


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