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Dew Tour Contests and

Celebrity Meet and Greet 2009


Thanks to everyone who entered our Dew Tour Check It Out Contest for the BMX Bike and the Dew Tour Design a Skate-deck Contest. Check out some of the pictures of the finalists skate-deck entries.



Finalist Skate Design

by Alexis



Finalist Skate Design

by Kristian age 17




Finalist Skate Design

by Lorena age 14



Finalist Skate Design

by Luis age 14



Finalist Skate Design

by Miguel age 13



Finalist Skate Design

by Victoria age 16


Winning Skate Design

by Lorena Knezevic age 14

Andy Mac

Andy Mac gets his library card.

Andy Mac talking

Andy Mac talking about being Shamu. Yup, that was one of the jobs he had before becoming a pro skateboarder.

Andy Mac doing a trick

Andy Mac does a trick on stage!


Andy Mac signing

Andy Mac signing autographs.


Dew Tour Dog Tags

Dew Tour Dog Tag Giveaways





Lorena Knezevic winner of the Design a Skate-deck Contest


Shayne Graham winner of the Dew Tour Check It Out Contest


Thanks to the Dew Tour for the awesome prizes. And a special thank you to Andy Mac for coming out and talking to our teens.

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