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AST Dew Tour


Celebrity Gaming Event   ][  Backstage AST Dew Tour

Thanks to Kevin Robinson for coming out to our Celebrity Gaming Event

Kevin Kevin Robinson

Learn more about AST Dew Tour Celebrity Kevin Robinson

Check out the winners!


Congratulations to the winner of the AST Dew Tour: Design a Skate- Deck contest Ashaleigh Watts! Congratulations to the winner of the AST Dew Tour: Check It Out contest JeMaris Warren! He won a BMX Bike!

In partnership with the AST Dew Tour and the Central Florida Sports Commision.




Kevin and the teens on stage

These teens are skatetastic!

Kevin talking

Kevin tells his story to our teens

Signing autographs

Kevin signing autographs

Hey is that Maybe?

Announcing the winners

Kevin announces our winners JeMaris and Ashaleigh

Kevin and Heather

Kevin Robinson and Heather

Heather rocks!!

Kevin and Aidy

Kevin Robinson and Aidy!

Teens smiling in front of sand

Look at our Teens in front of the piles and piles of sand!

Guy on a bike

It's a bird, it's a plane, no, it's a guy on a bike!

Orlando at the Dew Tour

Orlando is so cool!

Local Sponsors

Teens hangin' out in front of the AST Dew Tour local sponsors banner. Hey is that the library logo? Oh, it is!

Sand Piles Dew Tour

And this is where the AST Dew Tour hires all the ants to make the ant hills, right?

Big sand pile

This is where the queen ant lives. Back there in the Blue Tent. All the BMX guys stop by and say hello.

Watchin some skating

Just hangin' out hopin to catch a glimpse of some skater dudes.

Mehdi drinking energy drinks

Mehdi trying to figure out how to save the world one energy drink at a time.

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