A.R.T. Salsa Heat and Belly dancing 2009

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A.R.T.: Art Revolution for Teens

Salsa Heat and Belly dancing 2009

Special thank you to Salsa Heat of Orlando and A Magi Temple for coming out to show us their moves.


Salsa Heat Instructors

Salsa Heat Instructors come ready to get us dancing.


Beginners Salsa

Beginner's Salsa!

Are you ready?


Learning Steps

We are learning the steps but stop looking down at your feet!


Turning your partner

Look at Mehdi mastering a turn. Maybe not mastering but trying. Definitely trying.




Some final instructions and then we danced! I was awesome!!! That's right this web site can dance!



Mehdi has been left behind by his partner. But he always has time to stop and tease the camera.

A Magi Temple


Now let's learn some belly dancing with A Magi Temple.


Taking Instruction

Even the boys are taking instruction.


Finger Cymbals

Showing us how to use the finger cymbals.




The ladies from A Magi Temple were fierce. We had a lot of fun!


Thanks for the good music and dancing everyone!


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