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"A Glimpse"

By Hai Duong


A ray light beams down on me

All feeling of a numb existence melts

Everlasting rebirth

Sanctuary so close within my sight


But I look away

Closing my eyes to the divine truth

Swallowing the regurgitated reality

Of their sadistic minds

I take it all in and hold it;

Tied to my heart with thorn riddled vines

Believed in the lies that blur the vision


As I stare into the dark echoes

A glimmer of shine in the corner of my spectrum

Is being pushed away by my own grueling hand

Bare and red;

Deep in misery

Trying so hard to further lead astray

The brilliant life that I will never endure




"Freedom Land?"

By Christina Rohn


Come all who will to this Freedom land,

But before you do please give me a chance.

To explain the life you immigrants live 'I must portray, what is honestly real.

Where people are undivided and parents

Would nurture their children

But they just don't have the time.

But don't be confused about this freedom land,

You can live here in happiness

But there's always a chance,

You'll miss the land from whence you came,

For America is not all glitter and fame.

If you're coming to escape your harsh yesterdays,

Be careful, for tomorrow may be yesterday staring you in the face.

For the land you are leaving, trying to escape,

May be found in the land of the free and the home of the brave.






















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