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" Those Who Walk the Night "

By Heather Gribbs

They walk the night

filling alleys, pubs and gutters,

listening for human sounds,

and ignoring the rains sweet tutters.

Inshrined in black

their eyes an errie yellow hue, a face so pale,

the color of cotton soaked in dew.


Their silent steps

are left unaware to those around,

until it is too late

their heart to never again pound.


Two pearly white fangs

quickly pierce the skin,

just below the ear,

waiting for the feast to begin.


One is enough

to fill a full-grown,

but to spare thier life,

their soul they must loan.

Who are these silent deadly killers

who roam in the dead of the night,

and why must they

cause mortals such a fright

They aren't humans

but far,far worse

they are our kin,

but with a deadly curse.


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