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good review      Thud



By: Terry Pratchett

Reviewed by: Bryan

 Age: 13

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Good

Sir Samuel Vimes has become commander of the Ankh-Morpork city watch. Lately, the city has opened its gates to any species that has money to spend, including the trolls and the dwarves, traditional enemies. However, the anniversary of the famous Battle of Koom Valley between the trolls and dwarves approaches. Both sides are convinced that the other species ambushed them, and both shout “Remember Koom Valley!” as an excuse for war. Now Vimes is faced with the prospect of total war inside the city if he cannot find a way to reconcile the two races and their opposing cultures. There are some who would go to any lengths to keep the seemingly eternal enmity between the trolls and dwarves going, and to destroy any evidence that would bring peace. Vimes is forced to contend with forces millions of years old to keep his city from civil war. This gripping and satirical novel is intended for older teens or young adults with a love of humor. THUD! kept me on edge until the last page with its shadowed plot blended with a parody of our own world. Beware; there is a certain amount of violence and language. THUD! is a truly one of a kind adventure.





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