Pride and Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice

by Katherine Gallagher


Though written almost two hundred years ago, Jane Austens's Pride and Prejudice presents a remarkably modern and independent heroine, immediately likable to the reader. Elizabeth Bennet is the second of five sisters, all eligible for marriage, but it is only after she overcomes her tendency to judge others harshly that she recognizes true love in the proud but kind Mr. Darcy. Elizabeth exhibits spirited rebelliousness unexpected of her time period; whether standing up to nobility or refusing to marry the clergyman her mother wishes, she stays true to herself and her dreams. At the same time, she shows great loyalty to her old but lovable family, even when this means dropping the possibility of personal romance to come home when her younger sister is in trouble. Austen's writing style is old-fashioned and difficult, but those patient enough for it will delight in her satiric and realistic characters.

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