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good review      Hell's Gate


Hell's Gate

By: David Weber & Linda Evans

Reviewed by: Bryan

 Age: 13

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Good

Hell’s Gate is a fantasy/science fiction novel based on the first contact of two radically different civilizations. Each one expands through ‘portals’, which connect different universes. Each of the universes is geographically the same as Earth, but neither one has ever found a sentient being on the other side of a portal. That, however, changes when the society calling itself Sharona discovers the largest portal in history, that leads into a universe that they thought would be like any other. Unfortunately, the Union of Arcana has recently found a portal that leads to the same universe. Sharona uses technological weapons, while Arcana fights its wars with spells and dragons. Both are horrified with the other’s ‘technology’, and an encounter between two frightened men results in two corpses, and both sides think the other’s man fired the first shot. The situation threatens to spiral out of control as both sides demand vengeance for their dead countryman, and it will take miracles on both sides to prevent a war that could destroy all civilizations, whether they use magic or machines. This novel is probably intended for a mostly male audience in the late teens and older age group. There is a fair amount of violence as well as a lot of language. However, it holds attention well as the situation in the novel becomes more and more tense as the storyline progresses. It ends in a cliffhanger that insures interest in the sequel. In some aspects, it reminds me of the novel THUD! by Terry Pratchett, another brilliant work. Hell’s Gate should not be overlooked.





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