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ok review      Best Foot Forward


Best Foot Forward

By: Joan Bauer

 Reviewed by: Ruth Allen

Rating: Okay

What do you think the main character is like in this book? An average teenage girl? Wrong.

Jenna Boller is not your average girl. She is in the 11th grade and stands at 5’11 and has a weakness for doughnuts. She lives in Chicago, with her mom and little sister and works at Gladstone Shoes. She also goes to Al-Anon meetings. Al-Anon, for those who don’t know, is a recovery group for people wt Forward!ho have alcoholics in their lives. In Jenna’s case it is her dad, who left their family. The group meets at a Catholic church. Jenna goes because of the guilt she has for turning over her dad to the cops for drunk driving while she was in the car.

I found this book to be a quirky bitter-sweet take on life. So did Jenna ever see her dad again? Is Jenna still in Al-Anon? And what of Gladstone Shoes? Is she still working there? Is the company still there? If you want to find out, just pick up a copy of Joan Bauer’s Best Foot Forward.

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