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Good Review      Angel Experiment


Maximum Ride: Angel Experiment

By: James Patterson

 Reviewed by: Alicia Cooper

Rating: Good

It's a fictional story that seem so real to be false. It's a story about six children who was taken away from their parents except 2 of them (Angel and Gasman) was given by a crazes scientist at this particular "school" in Death Valley, California. All six of them have be recombinated by Avian DNA in their human DNA and therefore there are 98% human. You might be wondering "Hey! what are their 2%?" Well they all are 2% birds . Yes i said it and they can fly, too! Also they develop stranges powers that they later discovered when looking for their parents. They grow up in the lab in cages. They were "kidnapped" from the "school" by their adopt father Jeb Batchelder who supported them under his care and treat like as if it was his own children. Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman, and Angel were free from that horrible "school" in which some mutant kids run test's, being hunted and killed by an Eraser, or just died from being failure for not developing right as in internal organs from the outside. (Yuck!) Oh! I did mention about Erasers. Those kind of mutants you don't want to keep as children anymore because the scientist put a special Avian DNA in them from infancy and then instead of growing up properly like any human being. They just develop into these hot models that has gorgeous eyes just like an adult. You might be saying what's the matter with that? Well...They can morph into a killer machine hunting wolves who thirst for bird is their first appetite. Max, Fang, Iggy, Nudge, Gasman and Angel got outside to pick some strawberries to make some cake (how cute!!) and was attacked by those erasers. So What happened to the six kids who have a typical morning then being attacked by those creetings? You might of guess they might be dead by now...Nope but Angel was being kidnapped because she have the ability to read peoples minds. Now Max, who is the leader of the group, was determine to save Angel from the dreadful "school". This is a great adventure i experience reading from their struggling lives and it seem so real that i forgot that i'm actually at home reading it. After i finished the book, i want to find out more about them. So at the back of the book was a website and i was like so amaze that i actually went on their page. The discoveries that i found shock me and it may have shock you too. I won't tell you what it is that shock me but i'll give you the website and also they have a myspace too.
Here are the site:
Yes i added them^.^ and i love that book so much ... I mean everyone does that the author James Patterson makes a sequal to it. But i love the first one and it is the best that i actually cry at the very end.
Read the book and you will find out details of their lives.





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