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Good Review      Voss


Voss: How I Came to America and am Hero Mostly

By: David Ives

 Reviewed by Teen Volunteer: Taj Johnson

16 years old



Vospop is an average 15, year old, Sloblovian lad, Voss for short. Then on one day, Voss’s crazy uncle Shpoont, convinces him and, his father to go live in America. Being how Slolovia is a small, poor country, the trio, sneak on a boat importing black-market cheese-puffs. Unfortunately, the cheese-puffs are owned by the Sloblovian, crime lord, Bilias Upchuck.

When the trio, get to America after the long voyage living on Cheese puffs, they realize that illegal Sloblovians are looked down upon, Voss is in need of a job. After he opens a door for teen business heiress, Tiffany McBloomingdale (a rare act of chivalry), Voss becomes a butler for her. But soon Voss’s Father, Bogdown, gets sick and is checked into Pilgrims Paradise, a hotel that doesn’t ask questions or has fees. Pilgrims Paradise was too good to be true and soon, Bogdown goes missing! Will Voss ever see his father again? Or find a way not to get “cored like apple” by Bilias Upchuck? Find out in Voss.

Voss was one of the best books I’ve ever read. The characters were unforgettable and creative. I would love to see it become a movie. Voss’s broken English ( i.e. when he says ladders he means letters, dipp is deep, etc.) is something I’ve never seen before. The story is written by Voss to his Sloblovian friend, Meero. Voss is a terrific novel, I give it a 10/10 and recommend it to kids 12+.

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