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good review      Uglies



By: Scott Westerfeld

Reviewed by: Jennifer

 Age: 13

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Good

Uglies is the first book of a trilogy written by Scott Westerfield. It is a story about fifteen year old Tally Youngblood who lives in a world where everyone is made supermodel gorgeous by an operation when they turn sixteen. Those who have not yet received the operation are called uglies. The story follows Tally as she anxiously waits for the arrival of her sixteenth birthday. But three months before her surgery, she meets Shay. The two instantly becomes best friends. However, Shay later on confesses that she does not wish to become a pretty and tries to coax Tally to run away with her to a place called the Smokies where there are no pretties, but Tally refuses. When the day of the operation arrives, she is confronted by the frightening Special Circumstances Team. She is told that she must spy on Shay in exchange for the operation. Tally is left with a choice; either betray her best friend or she’ll never become a pretty. Tally embarks on an amazing journey that will change her life and the lives of others. Teen girls will love this book so much that they’ll want to read Pretties, the second book in the trilogy. No language, sexual contents, or violence.






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