The Wright 3

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good review      The Wright 3


The Wright 3

By: Blue Balliett

Reviewed by: Dominick

 Age: 14

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Good

This book is the sequel to the great Chasing Vermeer. In this book the art Petra, Calder, and newly added Tommy are trying to save is the Robie House by Mr. Frank Loyd Wright. The museum finds that they don't have enough money to keep the Robie House, so they decide to cut it up and send its corners to four museums around the world. The only problem is that the house appears to have a mind of its own. Tommy, Petra, and Calder find that there is a pattern of three's that has something to do with the house. This book is perfect for anyone starting middle school, or for anyone who enjoys a good mystery. It is a clever book, and requires a keen eye and mind to understand it. I enjoyed it very much and I have a feeling you will too.






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