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good review      The Cell


The Cell

By: Stephen King

Reviewed by: Ahsheema

 Age: 16

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Good

This novel is very graphic, includes bad language, violence and situations which some people may not approve because of the subject matter. It deals with a “pulse” which turned cell phone users into “zombies”, who are very violent. The main characters, a comic book artist named Clayton Riddell, a teenage girl Alice, and Tom. Riddell is trying to go back to Maine to find his son Johnny. They team up to find other survivors like them who were not affected since they were not using a cell phone at the time the “pulse” attacked. Along the way they find other people but only at night since the “zombies” came out at daytime. Throughout the novel everyone has a dream of a man in a red sweatshirt leading the “zombies” or crazies as they were known in the book. Which the reader finds out later he is trying to get all the unaffected people to come to his camp site in order to convert them into a “crazy” by forcing them to use a cell phone. He creates a huge camp site in order to do this. The main characters team out with another guy where they attempted to kill some of the crazies, in order to prevent this from happening and try to return the world to normal. The novel was very spine chilling and had one wonder if this could happen. The Cell has a typical Stephen King novel with a cliff hanger at the end. Again some readers may not approve of this novel and I would recommend this book to mature young adults and older adults for they would more be able to understand and not be disturbed by this novel.






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