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Boring      The Broker


The Broker

By: John Grisham

Reviewed by: Asheema

11th Grade

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Boring

This novel is thriller novel following the subject matter of politics and the betrayal within power. I did not like this novel because it was more political than the type of books I like to read. However I would recommend this novel to adults that like novels about the subject matter that is Joel Backman selling government secrets and is sent away to Italy in an effort to “hide” him from those who he sold these secrets to but the CIA has another motive using Backman as bait in order to know who bought the secret. The novel talks about Italy food, clothing and the things that can be done in Bologna. I did not finish the novel because I did not find it interesting as a teenager but I am sure adults will love it for the travel and the different subject matter.



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