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good review      Shadowplay



By: Tad Williams

Reviewed by: Bryan

 Age: 13

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Good

Shadowplay is a fantasy novel set in a medieval universe. It begins in the kingdom of Southmarch, where the twins Barrick and Briony rule. However, not everyone at their court is a loyal subject, and the kingdom is threatened from the outside as well. Barrick is captured in a battle against the Qar, a group of ruthless elf-like creatures that seek dominion over his kingdom. Briony is betrayed by the threats within their realm, as a family at court usurps her throne, and she must flee for her life. Both desire their throne, but it seems almost impossible. The book does have some violence, but almost no language. The author switches between two contrasting situations, keeping the reader constantly in suspense, a perfect novel for teens that like adventure. Shadowplay is a must read for almost any teen.




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