Iron Council

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Bad Review      Iron Council


Iron Council

By: China Mieville

 Reviewed by: Bryan

Age 13

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Not so Good

Iron Council is a fantasy novel. Its setting is somewhat unclear; it appears to be a fantasy world in approximately the Industrial Revolution, with the addition of a bit of magic. It seems that there is some sort of war, and the government of the main characters’ country has grown oppressive, and continues a long and costly war. The main character, Cutter and some of his friends set out to find a man named Judah Low and search for a mysterious body called the Iron Council. There is a lot of language in the book, as well as some violence. It didn’t appeal to me personally, mostly because I wasn’t sure just what was going on. I don’t know anything about the country that the story is set in, or about who they’re fighting. It seems like this information is deliberately shadowed. Mostly because the events didn’t have a lot of meaning to me, I just didn’t like the book.

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