Hell Hath No Fury

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good review      Hell Hath no Fury


Hell Hath No Fury

By: David Weber &

Linda Evans

Reviewed by: Bryan

 Age: 13

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Good

This book is the sequel to Hell’s Gate, in which two opposite civilizations, Sharona and Arcana encounter each other for the first time. Sharona fights with machine guns and rifles, while Arcana uses spells and dragons. Although the two empires clash at first, it seems that their differences can be settled peacefully, as diplomats discuss matters at the site of the first battle. However, there are those that seek to twist the situation to their own benefit, or to pursue vengeance for their lost soldiers no matter what the cost. Arcana breaks the truce and launches a series of attacks against the Sharonian forts, enraging the Sharonians with their duplicity. When their prince is killed defending a fort against the treacherous attacks, no Sharonian will accept peace, only the complete annihilation of Arcana. Only time will tell if humanity itself will survive the war. This is a brilliantly crafted novel for teens with a love of excitement. However, it does have some language and a fair amount of violence. It is constantly suspenseful to the last page; the plot never slows down. This book is a must for any action-loving teen.





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