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good review      Gravitation



By: Maki Murakami

Reviewed by: Paige

 Age: 16

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Good

Gravitation: The Novel is a fascinating spin-off from the manga series Gravitation by Maki Murakami. True to the manga’s qualities, the novel is merely a story different from anything in the anime/manga, written in English, and likely for the fans of the anime that have yet read the manga. While it is true that this book may be focused toward a slightly younger group or to a very particular group of fans, the novel is wonderful in and of itself.

This book follows the teen pop-star Shuichi Shindou to a grand concert sponsored by his record company. Along the way, the star must face strong obstacles such as his low-self esteem, the wrath of his best friend’s mother, and a jealous band trying to sabotage their show! He is also facing a feeling of shame and worry over the relationship between himself and his lover, the famous, attractive, but notoriously cold-hearted romance novelist Eiri Yuki.

Gravitation: The Novel has both good and bad qualities. Personally, I enjoyed the book, but I am also a fan of the anime. It would be a good idea to watch the anime, if not read the manga before reading this book, otherwise Shuichi’s character will be difficult to understand. His overly enthusiastic, quixotic, and idealistic attitude makes him the kind of character, if you had never seen the anime or read the manga, you’d want to slap. This book does contain some red flags. Young Shuichi and his partner, Yuki, are both male, and mild sexual contact between them is described. There is also some language.

Gravitation: The Novel is a good book in and of itself, but may be somewhat of a disappointment to more devoted Gravitation fans. It contains a few red-flags, but is generally friendly to most teens 14 and up.







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