Charlie Bone and the Beast

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good review      Charlie Bone and the Beast


Charlie Bone and The Beast

By: Jenny Nimmo

Reviewed by: Jennifer

Age: 13

Winter Garden BLT

Rating: Good

Charlie Bone is back in the sixth book by Jenny Nimmo. In Charlie and the Beast, he notices strange happenings occuring at Bloor's Academy. One of the endowed student, Asa Pike, has suddenly vanished, an endowed and dangerous new student has just enrolled, and a mysterious and powerful knight appears. Once again, Charlie and his friends must team up to stop wickedness and evil from wreaking havoc and rescue Asa before more damage is done. Follow Charlie and his friends on another excursion as they struggle to keep the balance between good and evil. This book will mesmerize tweens and teens. No language, sex, violence; use of magic is significant. I highly recommend reading Charlie Bone and the Red King before reading this book.







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