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Where Do You Live?

By Meagan McDougall


Do you live in a world where people hit you for no reason?

Where they yell at you for nothing?

Do you live in a world with no real friends?

Where no one really knows who you are, not even you?

Do you live in a world where you always feel something missing?

Where there is a hole in your heart that nothing can fill?

Do you live in a world where people tell you to be quiet?

And when you do, they think something is wrong?

Do you live in a world full of lies?

Where everything you know is just a lie?

I do.

People hit me, yell at me, and tell me to stop talking.

I have no real friends, no one really knows me,

Or the secrets I hide.

No one knows that I always feel something missing

That I am never really happy

I tell them lies, I tell myself lies

I say that everything is alright, that I am happy

But I know that I will never truly be happy

No, not until I find what I am missing.

I live in a world without real love in my life

Without happiness and without peace

One day I will find all those things

One day.


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