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"You Can Sing Without Singing"

by Marsh Drylie

Singing of a student, well not really

Kicking a stuck locker,

Scratching of a Uni-ball fine tipped pen,

Slamming of heavy pre-algebra books,

Cooing of a group of "popular" girls,

The clicking of the infernal click pens,

The slapping of an overhead,

The swallowing of a pen cap,

The surprised noises emanating from the

victim of the swallowed pen cap,

The sighing student with an infraction,

The popping of a soda can,

The cracking of a certain student's back,

The sneezing of yours truly,

The illegal whispering during a lecture,

The scuffing of a student banished to the office,

The bubbling of a science experiment over a Bunsen burner,

The exploding of a science experiment over a Bunsen burner,

The fan buzzing when the AC quits.

So when the teacher asks "who is singing?"

everybody should raise their hands

except the person sleeping in the back, he is just snoring.

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