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Every Day

By Meagan McDougall


Every day a child is born,

And people rejoice.

Every day someone mourns,

For a loved one had died.

Every day a couple is wed,

And their families are one.

Every day a couple is separated,

And their family is torn.

Every day someone finds love,

And they are happy.

Every day someone loses their love,

And they are left heartbroken.

Every day hundreds go to heaven

But even more go to hell.

Every day God shows us His love and mercy,

But we look the other way.

Every day someone finds eternal love in Jesus,

While another closes their heart on Him.

Every day animals die,

Because we choose to live in luxury

Every day one more person is infected with HIV,

Because we choose to live promiscuous

Every day someone screams for all this tragedy to end,

But the world goes deaf.


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