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3rd Place Winner

Scream Test:  Teen Mystery/Horror

Short Story Writing Contest

October 2004

You Could Be Next

By Jessica Dasher

      I had been having the same dream for over 4 ½ years, ever since I started high school. Each time it became more and more real. It first started out as a short flash with an old wooden house. The house had a wrap around the porch and a silver mustang parked in the grass. In my dream I was always walking towards as old leaves crunched beneath my feet. A cool breeze ran through my hair and I could actually smell the heat from the car. I knew it was just a dream, or so I thought!

    Then one night, it happened, the whole dream! It started as usual with me walking towards the old wooden house, the wind blowing, a dark cloudy sky and the smell of heat from the mustang. But, this time the dream continued. I almost swore I could hear my boyfriend calling my name. “Samara, Samara” he shouted. I just shook my head no and kept walking. Suddenly, I heard a man very softly say “You could be next!”

      I tried to run but it was like I was glued to the floor!!

      Suddenly something grabbed my leg. “AHHHHHH!” I screamed. I looked under the car and I saw a leg. I bent down and underneath the car was my boyfriend. He was burned and flesh was peeling from his face. Blood was spewing out of his body and I could smell heat from the mustang on him.

      As I was staring at my boyfriend, I felt someone behind me. Slowly I turned around and I was looking at my boyfriend’s father, Mr. Kensington.

      "You could be next,” he whispered.

      The alarm clock rang and I crawled out of bed. I dragged myself to school and looked for my boyfriend, Chris. I saw him in the hallway.

      " Wanna come over tonight?” he asked.

      " Yeah, I’d love too,” I said.

      Okay, see you later, babe he said as he kissed me good bye.

      As I got dressed later that night to over his house, I was filled with excitement. I had never been to Chris’ house before and was looking forward to spending time with him. I called him to get his address and told him I would be right over.

      As I pulled in, I saw an old house with a wrap around porch and a mustang in the front yard. Oh, it’s just a coincidence I told myself. Nothing will happen. As I walked towards the house, I heard my name. I just kept walking with my head down. It was cold and it was getting dark.

      Suddenly, something grabbed my leg. A hand with peeling flesh was grasping my leg. I tried to get away, but I was trapped. I looked down and saw Chris lying under the car. “Samara,” he whimpered. “You could be next!”

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