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What's So Good about High School?

By: Lauren Brads

Age 13

High school life is complicated,
That is a fact that is never going to become outdated.
You have your drama,
That is best suited for your Mama.
You have all the lies,
That make you become despised.
You have your friends,
That will back stab you in the end.
Then there is the boys,
That seem to make too much noise.
Then there are the teachers that have too much hate,
Making them give you a detention if your 10 seconds late.
They assign so much homework,
That makes them smirk,
With some kind of mean joke,
That makes us feel like we might choke.
So tell me what’s so good about High School?
Because I feel like a fool,
Walking around wondering,
When something great might come stumbling.

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