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To be or not to be

By: Ian Ng
Age: 16

“To be or not to be”, asks Hamlet
Nay my prince, I affirm that I am not:
I am not the school boy behind
My faithfully-pressed uniform
Nor the contrived bow
Of duress
Neither am I the weighted gavel of justice,
Nor the holder of material wealth;
I am not the soldier behind my nation’s gun
I do not live for myself.
I am the whispers of hopes and dreams
Forced unto me
I am the misshapen clay
Of youthful naivety
I am what the world sees me to be.
I am enslaved to the human system of hypocrisy
Where adults are the demons they tell children to avoid
How human existence forsakes democracy!
I wish to live not as an animal of visceral desires
Though I am fated to live as a caged bird,
My life is dictated by the whims and
Vanity of my masters
Yet we are slaves to ourselves!
In my dreams you are my spiritual
And physical liberator
I wait for you to release me from my bondage
I wait for you to slowly melt me until I am mellow
I wait for you and the blissful quietus you bring
I wait for your love amidst the existence of a dream
I shall wait for you forever
For till my end, that day will never come.

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