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Rejected by Love

By: Tiara Huffman
Age: 18

Neglected and rejected from what's real in life
Being almost as painful as a stab of the knife
No friends to lean on or family to tell
Just running alone headed straight to hell
I feel the flames the burning fire
Drifting away from my 1 love desire
Oblivious of what waited at the end of the tunnel
Just being devoured by a never ending funnel
My heart thrived for one good friend
To help me out to help me mend
I needed someone like you more than ever before
And you just kept treading that cold hard floor
Like you never needed me along your broken road
You just cocked your gun back and was ready to unload
You just pushed me away with out taking a chance
Just see who you're leaving it'll help you in advance
I'll always be by your side while you lay on the ground
Looking for you when you can't be found
You are my happiness the reason I smile
My best-friend my laughter yeat a weakness and vile

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