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Poems by McDougall

By Meagan McDougall

Title: Why?

Why does he like her?
What does he see?
Why does he like her?
Why not me?

She does disgusting things to others,
And walks with her head held high.
All the guys seem to like her because of it..
Maybe I should give it a try..

Maybe it’ll make him see me,
Like he does her.
Maybe it’ll make him adore me,
To a fraction that he loves her.


She wanted to kill herself,
She’d even tried before.
But she couldn’t do it,
God alone knew why.
Maybe He had something amazing in store for her.
She doubted anyone would really miss her if she died
She cries and doesn’t know why
All she knows is that something is missing
Something vital for her to go on,
Vital for her to be happy.
But she couldn’t find it.
She’d search for it and come back empty-handed.
With that hole still there in her heart.



He touched me.
His hand felt like a piece of Heaven.
My heart soared the moment his fingers caressed my hand.
Although he touched me like he would touch another person,
To me it felt like he was pouring out his heart in that one instant.
I know I shouldn’t talk so much about him,
But my heart rejoices when he looks into my eyes,
When we talk or share a moment.
I knew I made a mistake the moment I told him,
For at that instant we became as distant as strangers,
yet as close as lovers.
I wish that we could be true lovers.
That he would look past whatever is holding him back.
I only wish that he would hold me in his arms,
That I could feel the warmth of his body against mine.


Title: Heartbreak

You tell me I broke your heart.
But I wonder,
How could I break something I’d never touched?
You gave me your heart,
But I didn’t give you mine.



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