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Poems by Amanda Paige

Untitled #1

  I opened my eyes from a crowd of people,
standing around a world,
a type of one another...
They never thought of gratitude,
they never wandered why,
just wanting,
never giving a reason...
Today we found our path again,
you had hid from us so long...
I'm letting go of everything you were,
all the memories in my head,
all the lies that you said,
all the pain caused...
I let you go...
We let you go.
Into a freedom of mind,
and life,
of thought,
and being,
We Let You Go...

Untitled #2

I feel you take a step towards me...
but really your a blur in the air...
I want to see what I feel,
I want to know that your really there...
I know you somehow,
as your near to me...
Who are you now?
Your a mirror in my life,
that I never want to break,
your the friend that's always with me,
your the person that I needed...
Who are you now?
You are forever in my head...
your the picture of something,
your the piece to my puzzle...
Who you are, is everything to me.

Untitled #3

If you were to wander by
and see my crying eyes,
Kneel along my side
to mend my taunted eye.
or do you never even sigh
to see one of crying eyes.
If I your sister, brother, friend you come to my aid,
without a thought of ever being bait to malicious slyness.
You must see blood is not all that makes you,
a kind heart gives way to
kindred spirits...

Thanksgiving Day

As you lift your head and pray,
for all that is not dark,
on this Thanksgiving Day,
You hear the jubilance of a lark,
that tells you harmony is here to stay.

From above the stars,
are shinning so bright,
to tell you everything's alright.

Keeping thankful heart and sight.

Merriment is here to stay,
On this Thanksgiving Day




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