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Dreams, and the ones that said you couldn't...
By: Amanda Paige

Age 15

What did you want from them? The ones that said it wasn't possible.
Did you ever think that maybe people are directed to us to say certain negatives to see how strong you are and how bad you truly desire something?
Yet, you still remember how your heart cried without its tears shown compassion.
Or when the Sun shines through for only a glimpse and you had a small window into the world you love. Yet the shades were pulled closed on you.
"That's not for you," they say. But you know better inside.
Then the magnificent happen's, that day came when the door swung open with arms wide, greeting you as you swiftly walk into your believable dreams.

Today I am looking back, just for a moment, and I forgive those that told me I wouldn't meet success or a happiness, for they didn't know what not to say.
This was staged in every generation, I thank my Mom for being aware,
and never having to follow has they did.
For all the others,
I forgive you.
I hope you find your way one day.

Live Your Happy Story!!!!

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