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Out, Away

By: Gwennan Moore

Age 15

Skittering fingers
Of whisper-white waves
Crawl up wavering white-sand
And wind-worthy
Seabirds soar on cresting
Out on the forlorn sea

Silken strands of moonlight
On velvet banks of mist
Pick out an intricate embroidery
Below the black, black midnight
Hanging over me

Ice ice ice
Is splintering my feet
The pin-pricking pointed needles
Up-stabbing into me

I want for cold, cold
To be drunk on
Salt-sprayed dreams
My mind is racing
Across the ocean’s deeps
B’neath starry ecstasy

Out and out
And out and out
Until I’m so gone
I can’t return

I want the Cheshire
Smile to take
Me to the chilled reasoning
Away beyond insane,
So cruel in it’s false purity
It’s nature is

To let that ice
Invade me
Overtake all sense and
Obscure any yearning
For things beyond
The Now

I run and run
And run into
The blistering cold
And can’t feel
Myself not feeling
The agony threaded
Through my soul

Slowly I’m
My entire life

Spewing all my dreams
So dark
And fears as bright
As day
Onto the twilit sand-scape
So all that weight of knowing
Will be lifted up
Off me

I’ll race into
The spinning night
So full of lost and losing
I’ll run and cartwheel
And fly so free
Moving forever on
And never ever
Turn back again
To my sane, old


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