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New Super Mario Bros Review

For Wii

By Jairo Fernandez


I have became an addict to video games once i played super mario 64 by nintendo. I've started playing since 1999 an i was only 5 years old. now in 2010 im a 10th grade high school student and still loving it. New super mario bros. Wii is the best mario game i've played. very excited, i hoped to raise money to buy a wii. It's graphics are very cool. Mario in 3D with a 2D level and it's now perfect. This the very first time nintendo made a 4 player adventure. I played with my sister, my older sister, and my friend (who owns the wii) and it was awsome. the characters are Mario (as we all know), Luigi (still living in mario's shadow), yellow toad, and a blue toad. the enemies are bowser (as we all know), bowser jr, and my favorite koopalings! i want you to play this game as long as you can because i give this a 9/10.

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