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By: Katie O'Malley
Age 14

I know of a land in the depths of slumber.
Across the sea, let us go, come with me.
Over the clouds we soar, we bound.
To a place that fine tunes the garbled noises of life,
To a place that unwinds toys wound up too tight.
And so, we travel into the darkness of sleep,
In the middle of the night, while the wide
smile of Chesire proudly beams overhead.
We journey through stories, unwritten and unsaid.
Let me shower you with dust, then take my hand.
It does nothing for the mind to be cocooned in your bed.
The whispers of branches and the sweet songs of birds,
The beauty of flowers; things unseen and unheard.

Upon your arrival, you won’t want to wake up
Or leave, and so, little one, from the Sandman,
Sweet dreams.

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