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It's Good to See You, New Optimist

By: Raeven
Age: 15

In my chest
Lies something so worthless
And barely functioning
I’m filled with naïve fears
And pathetic tears
I’m always terrified to love
Too hard to adore
Finally, I began to trust
Life’s starting to feel like enough
Through all the noise
I heard the first sweet shudder for miles
I’d like to say that I didn’t care
That I wasn’t worried to loose you
I’d be lying down the aisles
Promises seem easy and
Laughter comes like the breezes
Breakdowns and sappy cries
Aren’t hard to let out
I’m here
I can actually commit to something for
Once in my existence
Let’s not have a month’s break
For I fear it may break me
I’ll always stay
And I’d like to send
A million apologies for the things
I’ll do in the end
A ring at three in the morning
Or one that’s being put on
Your finger by the second
I want to be by your side
I don’t suppose thirty-four lines
Of poetry will get all this through
But I love you
~for Heather

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