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Is It Real?

By Felicia Alvarado


It’s not good to live questioning you every move
Will he get mad? Will he like it? Should I do this? Should I do that?
Have you ever felt like all your problems go away when you’re with a specific person?
That when you hear their voice, it’s like a therapeutic session
When you can be express what you feel freely and not be judged but valued for your opinion
This feeling is great but is it real?
Will I get hurt in the end?
At times I feel useless to this person because nothing is progressing……
A phone call here, a phone call there, maybe a date, another phone call
A limited time is set between us to express how we feel at that very moment, at times it is wonderful and at times it’s a waste of time
Afraid of being too open
Afraid of getting attached
Afraid of that person leaving and never coming back
Fear is my greatest fear and it is felt very often
Fear of Betrayal,
Life has its timeline and we meet different people for a reason, how come we have to meet and say goodbye so often?
A restriction is set and cannot be negotiated, another reason to fear losing someone special
It happened so quick I think maybe too fast
Then again I like taking chances and this was a great one
A person who is intelligent, intellectual, passionate and mature who takes responsibility for his actions without contemplation
So ask yourself, is this real?
The reason he stayed, his feelings towards me, the deep look he gives me when I look into his eyes
My heart smiles and is warmed by his presence
My black and white world shines with color
Someone once told me “Don’t ever place the name of the person you care about most inside of a heart because it can easily be broken; place it inside of a circle because the feeling will revolve forever”!
Judge each day not by the harvest you reap but by the seeds you plant
Trust yourself in all that you do whether you question the situation or not, life is all about trial and error so best thing you can do is experience

So is it Real? Who Cares!

If at that precise moment in your life you have a feeling of love in your heart, nothing and no one can take that away
Take it for what it’s worth and be happy you had the opportunity to experience LOVE!!!





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