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Final Fantasy III Review

For Nintendo DS

By Javier


A remake of the original SNES game, Final Fantasy III for the Nintendo DS begins after a large earthquake shook the world and opened it up to nightmares beyond its denizen’s dreams. The player takes control of, Luneth, Arc, Refia, and Ingus (the Four Warriors of Light) in their quest to gather all of the crystals and stop Xande from plunging the world into darkness. Throughout the game, the player collects elemental crystals that expand his Job pool, meets fun supporting characters, and gets to ride around on increasingly awesome modes of transportation. “Gottcha Chocobo!”

Game-play 10/10: In FFIII, Square-Enix reminds Final Fantasy veterans of the joys of the character “Job System,” last seen on a Final Fantasy game in FFX-2 (after a streak of 5 games without it), although with more characters, more classes, and much more customizability. As the ad goes: “4 characters, 23 jobs, 279,841 different party combinations.” With Jobs, players can assign specific class archetypes to their characters to help them gain unique abilities. From the Black Mage’s “Black Magic” to the Ninja’s “Throw” to the Dragoon’s “Jump,” each of the 23 unique classes are worth trying out to see their strengths and weaknesses. Hint: Don’t leave home without someone with access to white magic, bad stuff happens. Although the touch screen does not serve any exclusive function, it is possible to play the entire game with naught but the stylus.

Graphics 7/10: The graphics of the game are nothing really special. You turn the game on, watch the opening FMV before the title screen and you think “Wow, those graphics are better than my PS3.” Then you start playing the game and… never see those graphics again. The graphics are obviously a few steps up from the original SNES version, but they’re not as amazing as they could’ve been. I suppose the graphics aren’t bad for a handheld, but it would have been nice if Square-Enix had thrown in an FMV or two, just to remind us of the DS’s power.

Sound 7/10: The music of the game is pretty fun too, ranging from the mellow overworld theme, to the intense boss fight sequences, to the lofty airship music. The battle sounds are fairly useful too, if you happen to turn away from the screen for a moment, you can still tell about how many times you hit your opponent based on how many sounds you heard (the number of hits is the number of sounds for the first half of the game and number of hits is double the number of sounds for the second half of the game).

Overall 8/10: FFIII is a wonderful game for the RPG fan with a DS. The job system is an amazing customization tool, the story is pretty easy to follow, and the main characters are awesome to boot. I’d recommend getting this game for 2 reasons. 1) I love the Final Fantasy series. And 2) this game is a lot of fun pretty addicting too. And come on, those sprites do look kinda cute.

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