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Untitled Poetry

By Ebony Rose


Painful throbbing, pounding aching,
Shivering in silence, quiet sighing.
Sound of feet pacing the floor,
A painful melody you've felt before.
Lonely tear drops, silent crying,
Desperate symphony of a heart breaking.
And the world is dark.

Hushed whispers to yourself at night,
Brush of your hands wiping tears,
Breathing shakily from sorrow,
Feeling no strength for the morrow,
Quiet whispering of fears,
All is cold in the fading light.
And the world is dark.

In the darkest shadows stirring,
Is a ray of hope rising for you,
When the world seems cold and dreary,
Never let your heart grow weary,
Life and peace are made for you,
A voice of hope, now reassuring.
And the world at last has light.



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