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Caught in December

By: Raeven
Age: 15

I took this love
And threw it down
I know I don’t have the right
But you don’t have any more than I
Rather to be place in the farthest
Is where you belong
And I’d just like to know
Who the hell you think you are?
To be walking around inside my heart
Leaving traces of your soul
Your cold and torn soul
Stuck inside the footprints
Are all the memories
Collecting them in your
Cold December diary
I should have told you
I’m not quite scared anymore
I want to think I’ve grown
Too strong to be tied down
I’m so sorry
That this isn’t like me
I just think you’ll have to grow up
And get used to it
So don’t ask me
Who the hell I think I am
Because for once in my life
I know just right where I need to be
Not lost in your screams
But walking around in my own dreams
I know it’s hard to hear so far away
But I’m sure the distance will do us
Do us some good so much over due

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