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The Fight to Survive

By: Catherine Jones
Age 16

You became a teen
Now it's our turn to fight
We fight not because we want to
But because we have to
It has become a struggle
In our everyday lives

It’s our fight
Sex, drugs, violence, jealousy
It’s everywhere and we anit stopping it
We get pressured into it every second of our lives

Who every thought that our everyday peers
Would steep this low in our society
We say no or the wrongs things
And you just dug your own grave
Except it anit gonna be 6 feet
They gonna make sure its 10 feet under

everything used to make sense
When we was little kids
we saw movies
that had either drugs or violence
and thought those people was cool

Now becoming a teen
is a fight to survive
so when watching those movies
think twice about what they really is about
think twice about how would you really survive

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