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That One Smile

By: Catherine Jones
Age 16

There's this man following me
Im walking home minding my own business
I slow down, he would slow down
I sped up, he would speed up
I turn the corner, he would turn the corner
I ran and tripped on a rock
I try to get up
I was stunned cause i couldn't
something was stopping me
he came to me
the SMILE on his face
I remember what that smile means
please don't let me go through it again
the pain i FELT
the love i LOST
the hatred i FELT
think dat it was ALL mii fault
all these years of holding it within
I dont wanna go down dat road again.
The smile disappeared
he helped me up
i was shocked
he reached into his back pocket
my ID was in his hands
i felt mii neck
It wasnt there
I took it from him
"thanks" i said
I ran away
now i know theres something wrong
not ALL men are wrong
but its in mii head
I cnt help it
he did it to me
cnt stand for a man
to come closer to me
afraid da it mite happen again
mii self esteem is LOW
mii brain is DEAD
ALONE in dis world
Feels like im DEAD!

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