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By Amanda Paige


I pretend I don't care, because my heart doesn't want to hurt and my eyes don't want to cry.
I found something, and I couldn't let go. I felt my heart break,
I was to afraid to say the day you walked away.
I cared in my own sort, I didn't want my barrier let down, I didn't want my soul exposed.
Because my heart doesn't want to heart and my eyes don't want to cry, so I pretend like I don't care when I look into your eyes.
The day I saw that train door close, my heart broke like a porcelain vase, my eyes filled with tears as I sat confused.
I wanted to say, I wanted you to know, I apologize for never saying what I meant.My soul has many wounds, So I dared anyone to touch my heart, and I let the pain just melt away.
Around I was alone so I lifted my head and screamed, my heart don't want to hurt and my eyes don't want to cry so I pretend like I don't care, when I look at you...
You seemed to withstand me when no one else did, even though I never appear I really love you my friend...
As a tear roll down my face I turned and walked out of the empty station...


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