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The Change

By: Alyssa Garcia

"I'm warm, warm as the sun on your skin, warm as the light that shines
in, sleepy and tired, my eyes start to close. They open and show me
when the moon rose. The hunt; I can feel it in my veins, aching my
bones, making my heart beat so fast it explodes... From my chest,
there's a rhythm so wild I can see the forest. Its so close, yet so
far away; I'm feeling but I can not touch, seeing though blind, and I
can't get enough. I'm strong, strong as a hurricane, and yet so alone.
My mind whimpers for it can not be heard, nor speak on its own, and my
life feels like a dream. I find shelter, deep in my heart I can
picture the den, somewhere locked away in the darkness where no one can come in.
They will never find me, see me, reach me; I am in a place so profound
there is no sound, and in this world made for me, I can be free
because I am me, and I call this place home."

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