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Afraid of the Dark

By: Briana M. Campbell
Age: 13

I say “good night”
Mom turns off the light
I pull my blanket up to my chin
I hear the noise from the busy streets of Berlin

Evil things lurk in the night
Nothing bad can happen when the sky is bright
I look underneath to make sure nothing is under my bed
But all I find is the fur my dog has shed

I’m shaking in absolute fear
Out of my eye escapes one tear
I hear a noise and search the still darkness in alarm
I grab my teddy then protect him under my under my arm

My door creaks open and I really start cry
Yet there stood Daddy and resist my tears and defy my fears
“I’m sorry I am late,” Daddy began to apologize
He then saw my tears and started to sympathize

“I don’t like the dark,” I cried
“We could get you a night light,” Daddy offered while walking to my bed in a few strides
“It’s still scary,” I pled
“It will be okay,” Daddy said perching himself on the side of my bed

I hugged my Daddy even though he had on a smelly work shirt
He gave me a smile and he hugged me so hard it hurt

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